Arlington Conservation Commission

Great Meadows Report

Natural Resource Inventory & Stewardship Plan of Arlington's Great Meadows in Lexington, Massachusetts

Produced for the Arlington Conservation Commission by Frances Clark of Carex Associates, July 2001.

Executive Summary (HTML)

Document Text (PDF)

Map 1: Locus 

Map 2: Open Spaces 

Map 3: Plant Communities

Map 4: Access Points

Photos 1-2:  Great Meadow marsh.

Photos 3-5:  Successional grassland northeast of marsh.

Photos 6-8:  Grassland successional forest mosaic and trails NW & W of marsh.

Photos 9-11:  Peat Pond. Infinity Pond (vernal pool). Successional forest north of marsh. Mature oak forest west of Infinity Pond.

Photos 12-14:  Infinity Pond April and October of 1991.

Photos 15-17:  Munroe Brook and adjacent successional forest near NW boundary of GM.

Photos 18-20:  Large oaks and successional growth northeast and north of marsh.

Photos 21-23:  Black Oak/Pitch Pine woodland north/northeast of marsh.

Photos 24-27:  Minuteman Bikeway.  Black Oaks near entrance from bikeway.  Entrance from Emerson Gardens.  Entrance from Nursing Center.

Photos 28-30:  Entrance from Lexington Christian Academy.  Entrance from Sheila Road.  Entrance from Brandon St. by bikeway.

Photos 31-33:  Exotic honeysuckle overwhelming successional forest.  Damage to trails and wetlands from bicycles.  Unmaintained trail erosion from heavy use. 

Appendices (All converted!)

Vascular Plant List by Name and Site (PDF)

Vascular Plant List by Site and Genus with Invasive Status (PDF)

Vascular Plant List by by Family (PDF)

Macroinvertebrates in Infinity Vernal Pond - Ruth Ladd (PDF)

Walking the Great Meadows - CLC (PDF)

GM Bird List - John Andrews (PDF)

Hydrology and Land Use Study (1970) (PDF)

Biodiversity Day 2001 Preliminary Summary - Harsten Hartel (PDF)

Biodiversity Day 2001 Plants - Betsy Wright (PDF)

Printed Copies

Printed copies of the report are available from the Arlington Conservation Commission Office.
Call 781-316-3012 for ordering information.

Full copies of the report are also available at the Arlington and Lexington town libraries. 

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